ICOCEA Singles Retreat 2024

Welcome to the Extraordinary Experience!

Step into the ICOC East African Singles Retreat 2024, set against the vibrant backdrop of Kigali, Rwanda! From the 17th to the 20th of October, immerse yourself in a journey that transcends the ordinary. This isn't just an event; it's a rare opportunity to forge connections, embrace the allure of East Africa, and craft memories that linger. Join us for an unforgettable experience filled with camaraderie, elation, and the enchantment of Kigali and East Africa!


Colossians 1:17 (TPT):
"He existed before anything was made, and now everything finds completion in him.


RICEM Hostels

$ 135
  • Conference Venue
  • 3 nights- all inclusive costs
  • Double Sharing
  • Excludes Transport Cost to Kigali

Kigali View HOTEL

$ 195
  • 10 mins drive from conference venue
  • 3 nights - all inclusive costs
  • Double Sharing
  • Excludes Transport Cost to Kigali

Kigali View Hotel

$ 240
  • 10 mins drive from conference venue
  • 3 nights- all inclusive costs
  • Single Occupancy
  • Excludes Transport Cost to Kigali

RICEM Hostels

$ 90
  • Conference Venue
  • All meals
  • Conferences┬ástationeries


Frequently asked questions about ICOC East Africa Singles Retreat

How can I travel to Rwanda for the retreat?

You can use flights (communicate your itinerary early for pick-up arrangements) or buses from Kenya through Uganda, from Dar through Rusumo border to Kigali, or from Bujumbura to Kigali.

What transportation options are available within the city?

For in-city travels, you can use cabs (download Move app) or Motos (Boda Boda). Ensure to request if the operator can communicate in Swahili or English.

Is a Covid vaccine certificate required for entry into Rwanda?

No, Rwanda does not require a Covid vaccine certificate for entry.

What documents are needed for East Africans to attend the retreat in Rwanda?

East Africans only need their ID and a temporary pass to enter Rwanda. All Africans and Commonwealth citizens do not need a visa.

What are some polite words in Kinyarwanda?

Polite words include "Muraho" (how are you) and "Murakoze" (thank you).

Is wearing a helmet mandatory when taking a Moto (Boda Boda) ride?

Yes, the rider won't start the journey unless you put on your helmet first.

What is the currency called in Rwanda?

Money is called "Mafaranga" in Kinyarwanda.

What languages are spoken in Rwanda?

The most spoken language is Kinyarwanda. Swahili can be helpful, and it would be beneficial to download an English to Kinyarwanda translator. More Rwandans are learning English, and the older generations speak French.

Is the city clean, and what are the expectations regarding littering?

Yes, the city is clean, and littering is not acceptable.

Can I use my Safaricom line in Rwanda without roaming costs?

Yes, you can operate your Safaricom line in Rwanda as if you are in Kenya. Just have airtime and your Safaricom app operating.

How well does MTN Uganda operate in Rwanda?

MTN Uganda operates well in Rwanda. For guests from Tanzania and Burundi, it's advisable to operate using WiFi.

What is the currency in Rwanda, and what is money called?

The currency is RWF (Rwandan Franc), and money is called "Amafaranga" in Kinyarwanda.

Any advice for crossing roads in Rwanda?

Use the zebra crossing and avoid using your phone while crossing.

What is the local cuisine like in Rwanda?

The food is similar to East African dishes. Beans are favorites, Ugali (Kawunga) is not very popular, and Rwanda has the best chili in East Africa called "akabanga.

How is healthcare in Rwanda, and should I update my insurance cover?

Hospitals work well and are near the conference venue. Consider updating your insurance cover for medical emergencies.

Can I drive in Rwanda, and what side of the road do they drive on?

Yes, you can drive in Rwanda. They drive on the right side, opposite to other East African countries. Ensure you have COMESA insurance cover and a valid driving license.

Are there souvenir shops in Kigali?

Yes, Kigali has souvenir shops. Seek help from Rwandan singles to assist in bargaining in the local language.

How is the security in Rwanda?

Security is great. However, it's essential not to leave your valuables unattended. The police are friendly and helpful, and the country loves visitors.

The venue

RICEM, Kigali, Rwanda

KN 193 ST, Kabusunzu, Nyakabanda,

RICEM, Kigali, Rwanda

KN 193 ST, Kabusunzu, Nyakabanda,

Kigali View Apartments

KN 102 St, Kigali, Rwanda