We believe in the trinity i.e. God in three persons
The Holy Spirit is God in action; he is the power of God that moves everything in the universe.


In the beginning before the world was formed the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters ready for action, looking for what to do, so everything was created because of him.


Mary was found to be with a child, conceived through the Holy Spirit.


When Jesus was baptized, the Holy Spirit descended upon him, he was then led to the wilderness by the Holy Spirit to be tempted. Can you imagine if he did not go with the Holy Spirit?


It’s the Spirit of God that raised Jesus from the dead.

2 PETER 1:21

The prophets wrote the bible through the Holy Spirit.

ACTS 1:4

Jesus, knowing how important the Spirit is, issued a decree to the disciples,
a command not to leave Jerusalem before they received the gift of the Holy Spirit.
However much they felt they were ready to go, they weren’t except with the Holy Spirit.
God is searching for leaders, men and women, who are filled with the Holy Spirit, but he is not looking for anybody, he is looking for people who are going to be compatible to his Spirit.
They are always in short supply.

ACTS 2:38

After preaching the most powerful sermon on the day of Pentecost, Peter left his audience wondering “what to do?

Repent, be baptized for the forgiveness of sin and then you received the Holy Spirit

Paul prayed for his people to be filled by the Spirit.

LUKE 11:13

Jesus promises that God will fill those who ask him with his Spirit.

2 KINGS 2:9
Elisha asked/prayed for a double portion of the spirit (Elijah’s spirit because it was evident that he was filled by the Holy Spirit.)


Do not grieve the Holy Spirit. God’s Spirit will only remain in us as long as the atmosphere within us is conducive.


Do not put off the Spirits fire, when we give into sin we pour cold water into the Spirit’s fire


Walk in step with the Holy Spirit.


The Spirit of God is only with us as long as we are with him, when we forsake him he will forsake us.

PSALM 51:2

When David fell into sin he knew that the Spirit of God was on his way out, no wonder he begged God not to take him. He knew he could survive without other things (wealth, power, fame) but not without the Spirit of God.

ISAIAH 63:10

When we rebel and grieve the H/Spirit he turns and become our enemy and starts to fight against us.

:: :: :: :: SAUL :: :: :: ::

1 SAMUEL 16:11

Was a great man of God, the first king of Israel, made great exploits, he lead them for over forty years. He only did this as long as he was with the Spirit. When he grieved the Spirit he could not lead anymore.
The lord rejected him and was forced to look for a man after his own heart, a man who would keep in step with his Spirit.

:: :: :: SAMSON :: :: ::

JUDGES 16:20

Was a strong and powerful man, a mighty warrior as long as he walked in step with the Holy Spirit.
When he compromised his faith, the Spirit left him. He actually did not know that the spirit had left him.
“I’ll go out as before and shake myself free.” He thought, but little did he know that the spirit had left him.

When the spirit leaves, our strengths leave. We can no longer do the things we used to do; the song leading, preaching, spiritual counseling etc.
As disciples we are what we are because of the Spirit of God, we need him, we cannot do without him.
We must make sure that the atmosphere within us is conducive for him.
The fact that we have him now does not mean that we will always have him.
When we grieve him we will leave and the worst is that he may turn and fight against us and finally destroy us.

JOHN 14:26 

He will counsel you
Teach you new things

ROMANS 8:5: He sets us free from the bondage of sin.

ROMANS 8:6 He gives you peace in troubled times.

ROMANS 8:11 The Spirit gives life.( John 6:63 )

He helps us in our weakness (fears, sicknesses, doubts, etc )
He intercedes for us (he prays for us about things we are not even aware we should be praying for.)

He searches all things deep things of God
He helps us understand the thoughts of God, accept and practice the hard teachings of God.
He helps us to make good judgments.

ISAIAH 61:1-4

The Spirit was on Isaiah and so he was able to; preach, bind the broken hearted, proclaim freedom to the captives, release prisoners, and proclaim God’s favor, comfort and provide for all mourners, encourage those who are in despair.

Question: How can we do all these if we don’t have the Spirit of God?