By Fred Opiyo and Jeremiah Gamba

Photos by Caxton Kimeu

Sunday 12th August 2018, Nairobi church, games challenge kicked off as scheduled following a series of training sessions by the four blocs (Western, Southern, Eastern and Northern) in readiness for the showdown at the Barclays Sports Club in Ruaraka.

Emmanuel Emeh, Campus leader; Nigeria

Main speaker Jeff Roraburgh

The day started with spiritual nourishment graced by the four evangelists and their spouses who lead these blocs. Amos Otieno, the Teens ministry leader in Nairobi introduced the main speaker Jeff Roraburgh who shared on the need to lead a Godly life for our children to look up to, instead of pressurizing them to become disciples. He made it clear that children should see a reflection of the life of Jesus Christ in disciple’s lives. The challenges and triumphs that God has placed on disciple’s paths should be shared with children so that when God answers prayers they too can witness that God is truly a living God and He Answers Prayers. Jeff has worked extensively on different missions helping and bringing the younger population to know God.

Dressed in colourful uniforms, fans all psyched up and whistle in the hand, the games started shortly before 1 p.m with volleyball matches pitting Eastern and Northern Blocs – March(A), while football featured Western vs Southern Blocs – March(B). Second round matches engaged same teams but on alternate games, Eastern and Northern bloc in football – March(C) while Western and Southern blocs faced off on the volleyball pitch – March(D).

March (B) saw Western bloc qualify to the finals 2 to 1 after they dominated most of the match with Edwin making spirited attempts to score against the Southern bloc, finally scoring the first goal of the game in the 18th minute only to be equalized during the second half by tough striker Alvin. Despite a powerful play by the Southern bloc team led by their leader Ev. William Auki, the team lost to the Western block. Delvin, one of the leading western bloc strikers scored the winning goal for his team.

Meanwhile, March (A) teams drew 2:2 after the Eastern bloc made an aggressive comeback led by their coach Victor Onyango during the second half of the game scoring four goals against the Northern bloc. Two goals were however disallowed by the referee John Macdek after alleged foul plays. Northern bloc leader Ev. Raymond led his team in scoring the first goal of the march but was quickly equalized by Eastern bloc striker Frazier. Mark Masila scored the second goal for the Northern bloc but later the Eastern bloc was awarded a penalty and Teddy, one of the Eastern bloc strikers wasted no time as he expertly placed the ball into the net to finish the march at 2:2. The Eastern bloc however sails to the finals based on superior goal strength outmatched the Southern and Northern bloc teams.

Volleyball Games

On the volleyball pitch, the Eastern bloc leader evangelist Mike Odwallo displayed his exemplary skills leading his team to victory against the Northern bloc. They won the m

atch beating the northern bloc 3 sets to 1 while the Western bloc won 3 sets to 0 against the Southern bloc.  Eastern and Western blocs volleyball teams qualified for the finals to be held on December 2, 2018. Fireworks and game-changing tactics are expected to light up the spirit of Christian love and competition as the amazing teams stamp their prowess.

Netball games

The netball matches ended with a loss to Eastern and Southern blocs.  Western bloc edged out the southern bloc in a match that was tightly contested. Western won by 3 to 0 against the Southern bloc as the Eastern bloc lost 10 to 11 against the northern bloc. However, due to the number of goals scored in earlier matches and the accumulation of points, Eastern bloc netball team sailed through and they will faceoff with the Western bloc on 2nd December for the final matches. The finals would be between the eastern bloc and western blocs in all the three matches.

Western bloc leader Ev. John Maleya closed the ceremony by calling all the teams to celebrate their outstanding performance and most of all to remember that before God everyone is a winner the games are just about bringing all disciples to more commitment in the service of God.

BIG DAY FINALS: December 2nd will be an amazing day for us to invite friends and relatives and make it an amazing way to end the year 2018 with pomp and color.

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