I was in my third year of college when my blood sister invited me to attend a church service in nairobi. I accepted and attended where the praise and worship sermon were great. After the service several brothers and sisters approached me giving me hugs and thanking me for attending the service. They wanted to know more about me and that is something I never experienced before in other churches. I felt genuine love. From then on I could attend service once in a long while.I was asked to study the Bible but I didn’t want to.

While in college I was in a relationship with my then boyfriend that I didn’t want to leave. I later graduated from college and went on to undergo my attachment and even got my first job. All this while I loved the freedom I had and the relationship I had. Growing up my father was so strict and didn’t show any love for us. So in 2011 I left my then boyfriend and started another relationship which is where I conceived my daughter. I lost my job and had to go back home. Life was very difficult. I stayed for two more years before I got another job. Which lasted one year. Later I got a much better job and relocated to Eldoret. In Eldoret I yearned for relationships which made me jump from one to another. Life became so miserable and empty.

In 2016 I decided to look for the ICOC church in Eldoret and I was given a sister’s number who directed me to where the church is. I attended and several sisters studied the Bible with me and 2 weeks later on 22.5.2016 I made Jesus Christ my Lord and savior. Since then I felt God fill the void that I always felt and helped me understand that I don’t need to be in wrong relationships to be whole. Along the way over time I have been able to overcome the struggles that had so much engulfed me. I was always bitter and angry but God has continued to help me overcome. I had some addictions which am continuing to overcome. I thank God for choosing me..

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