The Lead Evangelist for the International Churches of Christ John Maleya, has urged the disciples to fight the good fight of faith. He spoke while delivering a sermon at the Kiambaa sector which encompasses the Ruaka and Gachie sectors on the 30th of June 2013. This was his inaugural visit and he appreciated the good work that the disciples have done over the years to make Kiambaa what it is today singling out the Kamani’s (Nicacius and Lucy) for their faith and heart for service to the work of God within Ruaka and Gachie over the years.

Preaching from the book of Jude, he pointed that Jude was a servant of God. Sometimes as disciples we can miss to understand what we have been called to; to be servants of Christ. He took the congregation through the different schemes the devil will use to undermine our walk with God. “We should be wary of the tools the enemy uses.”

Kiambaa Church

Kiambaa Church

“Sometimes as disciples we can miss to understand what we have been called to; to be servants of Christ….“We should be wary of the tools the enemy uses.””

We should not allow Satan to lie to us but instead allow the grace of God to teach us to say no to any form of ungodliness. We have to be careful because Satan makes us feel that we are justified to do what we are doing? If we are not careful we will find ourselves going the way of Cain and destruction will come our way. Genesis 4

He noted that anger is like an acid which eats us up from the outside. Cain could not control his anger and ended up killing his brother Abel. Are we nursing bitterness in our hearts towards our friends, relatives or brothers and sisters within the church? We should be open so that we can get help.

He cautioned the congregation not to rush into the things of the world, wealth and prosperity in an ungodly way. When we rush into the things of the world we are rushing into the error of Balaam who was a sorcerer and he was doing it for evil gain. How content are we with the little that we have? The church of Christ is led by the Spirit of God and rebellion has a penalty citing Korah in Numbers 16 who was swallowed up by the earth with the rest of his family and followers for rebelling against Moses.

Simon Okoth shared the Holy Communion message and talked about our anger and how it can lead us to sin and isolate us from God. He concluded by urging the congregation to build each other and find encouragement from each other. The enemy is here. He is the devil and he will make us feel okay in our sin. Let us fight for each other so that we remain firm in the faith.

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