By Jeremiah Gamba

Pictures by Sanchez Lui

Kieni Resort is one of newest venues in Machakos County that provides services for corporate and religious groups that prefer a quiet and serene environment. It is located about fifty-seven kilometers off the Eastern bypass through Kangundo Road past Tala High School. Looking for a day out, the Umoja One Sector from the Eastern Block of the Nairobi Christian Church decided to pick this venue for its service on Sunday 28th October 2018.

Upon arrival, excitement, fun, and laughter filled the air as the group disembarked from the bus to a warm reception from the staff at the Resort. Teens and pre-teens could not wait to jump into the warm swimming pool that reflected the blue sky and provided an aura of freshness as the cool breeze provided relief from the hot morning sun and the long journey. 

Everyone was dressed in casual clothes and ready for the day. The team found a welcoming spot on the green lawns and settled down to enjoy a time of worship. One of the disciples, Jeremiah Gamba, shared on the characters of a good family, quoting from the book of Ephesians 6: 1-2, that children would never have respect and honor for anyone if they dishonored their parents through disobedience. A happy family life is rooted on the foundation of Christian values, consistent daily prayer, and respect and mutual understanding for each other even when there are differing views and opinions.

The sector leaders Mr and Mrs Morrisson graced the occasion with Morrison encouraging the disciples to work hard to achieve God’s expectation on Christian values and family life. They also urged us to build strong families based on Christian values that glorify God and attract others to a life with Christ.

Morrison Owade

There were many lessons learned that included; loving our families, training our children to love God and the children should respect and honor their parent(s)/guardian(s).

Games and songs dominated the afternoon session after a sumptuous meal that was served shortly before 1 pm. A surprise birthday party for one of the Disciples, Daniel Omuchere by his Wife Agnes Wanjiru Omuchere crowned the tour when the two shared a colourful cake with the bible talk group.

Everyone left with thankful hearts after a day of fun, fellowship and focus on family. Such exciting outings by disciples inspire fellowship and enjoyment for our young people and also friends who visit our services and should be always encouraged.

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