Kenya is a Nation so blessed with sights–natural and man-made–that you could ask all 40 million citizens for their favorites and expect 40 million different answers. 

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This proved true as the Bereans (Campus Ministry) scaled Mount Kilimambogo over the weekend. The mountain top experience was a sure way to make you want to “express amazement.” From the breathtaking views of the slopes and the surrounding valley to the daunting task of hiking, not to mention the closeness one felt to God. It’s evident even from the past that God uses mountain top experience to help people understand and draw to him in a deeper sense.
All we did was grab 500 bob (500 shillings) and headed north of Nairobi to the Odonyo Sabuk National Park which houses the Kilimambogo Mountain!
Abit of some facts to appreciate the hike: To reach the summit (which we did), you would have to cover 10.1 KILOMETERS upward, making a total ‘journey’ of at least 20.2kms.

The name “Kilimambogo” means just that in the native tongue, a mountain of Buffalos. We had expected to see some Buffalos but maybe there was a good reason why they didn’t show up (Hope you know what I mean). Maybe as a consolation, some of us were able to spot some foot traces.  hike_5 hike_4
Once at the summit, we divided into groups, had a rest and reenergized for the second hike (a.k.a going back). And for those who are wondering, YES, it’s easier to go up than to come down the mountain. (‘Thanks to…gravity’)hike_6

All in all, we went, saw and conquered Mt. Kilimambogo. Glory be to God!

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