The International Church of Christ, Nairobi had a Reunion Sunday with a difference on 5th May 2013 at the Umoja Sanctuary. Gracing the day was Evangelist Richard Alawaye. There was entertainment galore with sweet melodious voices which were heart rending to the inner souls and prepared the congregation for the main service. The well choreographed dancing and the singing by the Kingdom Kids left a mark to the congregation.

Richard Alawaye

Richard Alawaye

Preaching was Evangelist Richard Alawaye from the Atlanta Church of Christ Gwinnett in the United States of America. His message, ‘never give up’ was insightful as he focused on getting rid of dead weight, running with perseverance and fixing our eyes on Jesus. Before delivering the key sermon, He was amazed to see the congregation that he had left behind, “You guys look so young, what’s the secret?”

He shared about his life and looked at his near death situations and how he felt he was ready to go to heaven. He also talked passionately about his family, “Ashley, my young daughter will be baptized in a few weeks.”

His message delve deeper into our struggles and resonated well with the everyday challenges that we encounter in this life. His rallying cry was we should never give up pointing out Hebrews 11 of those who went before us. “They held up and it is why we are enjoying the fruits of their perseverance.”reunion_9

The Faith and love within the Nairobi church inspired him beyond expectations. He acknowledged that God has been walking amongst the faithful here in the East Africa Churches of Christ.

The Umoja Sanctuary for the first time was full to the brim with the highest attendance so far of over 3,000 people. The number of people who fell away and came to church on that day was about 40.

Re-union SundayJarrett Odwallo will later share when responding to the message that there are sins that come with age. I should not be too comfortable in my Christianity. I need to develop what I first had as a young Christian and I should aim to be a better disciple.

John Maleya, the lead Evangelist for the International Churches of Christ East Africa noted that we should remember what Richard said among them being, he was ready and packed to go to heaven and not allow earthly things stop us from making it to heaven. Satan does not want us to get to heaven but instead he wants us to go to hell and he will abuse us all the way.

Richard Alawaye was converted at the University of Florida in June of 1986 while attending Law School. Upon graduation, he moved to Boston and entered the full-time ministry in the Boston Church of Christ. Richard was on the mission team comprising 9 brothers and sisters sent to plant the church in Nairobi, Kenya in June of 1988. Married to Sarah Matano on 7th March 1992, Richard Alawaye has been blessed with two beautiful girls, Gina 19 and Ashley 17.

The Alawayes led the church in Kenya and in East Africa for 8 years where he was first appointed Evangelist. The Alawaye’s also led churches in South Africa and in Nigeria spending a total of 15 years in Africa preaching the Word. It was a great Reunion indeed and the glory goes back to God.

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