By Janet Nzisa

The Nairobi Christian Church (NCC) annual teen mentors retreat took place at Savanna Lodge Tala, in Machakos County.

The mentors left Nairobi at about 6pm on Saturday in a convoy of personal cars and the Nairobi Christian Academy school buses. When they arrived at the Savanna lodge in Tala, the hosts welcomed them with tea and snacks as they had time to interact among each other through fun and fellowship, sharing experiences, and getting to know each other before they settled down for the sumptuous dinner.

Amos Otieno, the teen’s leader unveiled the next day’s programme before the mentors retired to bed while the music lovers remained behind to dance and the football lovers watched the final match between Barcelona and Real Madrid.

Sunday morning began with an unusual Church service. Marley mwanza rocked the team with some icebreaker after the singing, followed by team building activity led by George Khisa and his wife Susan. The Team building encouraged the mentors to work together as a team rather than win as individuals. George emphasized that a winning team includes: having Clarity of purpose, having clear and demanding performance goals which helped the Mentors reflect as they faithfully served the teens.

David Mwenga a teen leader from Kitengela region took the mentors through the Communion and Giving class, reading excerpts from Luke 23: 39-43. He taught a powerful class on how Dismus the repentant thief on the cross was humble and asked Jesus to remember him. He emphasized on the need for us to “Ask Dismus” whenever we felt like Jesus doesn’t know our situation.

The day was crowned with a class by Stanley and Carol Ochieng who have mentored teens both full time and as a passion for the longest time ever. They took the mentors through the Mentorship Class. Stanley helped the team to understand the importance of Godly leadership. Reading from Matthew 6:33. He emphasized the need to seek God in the areas of prayer, genuine openness and being in God’s word. Reading form 2nd Chronicles 20; the story of Jehoshaphat was a classic example of how inquiring of the Lord will always assure us of Victory. Carol Ochieng took time with the sisters to talk to mentors on how to mentor our teen girls. She emphasized on the need to have a plan and a vision for the teens that we are mentoring. It is important for us to have a bigger picture on how to build the girls.

Stanley & Carol emphasized on the need to be real with the teens, asking them questions, never forcing teens to open up, creating an environment of grace and Love, being introspective and above all showing them love.

Lunch was served at the garden and the strategic plan was reviewed per ministry before a bottle of Champagne was popped in celebration of the milestones that the teen mentors have covered in the first half of the year. The retreat ended on a high note with the Teen Mentors leaving Savannah Lodge reloaded to take the Teens Ministry to the next level. For the first time in three years the retreat experienced a record attendance of 57 people.

  1. September 9, 2015

    hi brothers and sisters i am vinoth. i am really happy about your church. i am the disciple in india .i really greatful to god. i want see your church. my desire is one day i will come to africa for a missionary. please pray for me. i will pray for your church. Thak you.

    • September 15, 2015

      Great to see there so many of us outside there. We will be praying Vinoth..

  2. April 29, 2017

    Great job brothers and name is stella echa from jos Church nigeria.l am just starting a mentoring relationship with two girls and wanted to learn from others like you who have been doin it.pls be praying for us that these two girls will turn out to be disciples of Jesus as we plan to play with them and also teach them the ways of the lord

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