It’s here again…the long awaited Annual Women’s’ Convention of the Nairobi Christian Church. The mood in the air is exciting with a flurry of activities from the already elated women, all geared up for this annual event.

According to the Women’s Ministry leader Jane Maleya, this year’s Convention is different from the past years as it seeks to meet the needs of specific groups in the church. After wider consultation, the Nairobi Christian Church Women Leadership considered holding separate events for the married and mothers on the one hand and the Singles, campus and teen sisters on the other hand. The aim is to be able to tackle specific issues for different women at different stages in life.

They call her blessed” drawn from Proverbs 31:28 will be the mothers and married sisters theme in the women’s convention that will take place at the Umoja sanctuary on the 11thNovember 2012. This will then pave way for the Singles, Campus and Teens Convention that will take place at the same venue on the 18th November with the theme “Who stole my heart”.  It promises to be an exciting time for the sisters with preparations moving a notch higher. Through skit song, narration, poems and the word the sisters look forward to bonding with each other and reaching out to family friends and colleagues.

The women are registering in huge numbers for this upcoming November fete. The sisters’ fraternity requests for the support and prayers of all the brethrens all over the world.

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