By Hillary and Annet Musinguzi (Church ministers, ICOC Luwero)

The Luwero church was planted by the International church of Christ led by Richard and Florence Ahenda in 2012.

Hillary and Annet Musinguzi


The planting was preceded by bible talks which pulled over 30 people per sitting. This inspired the leaders in Kampala to faithfully plant the church. A venue was identified and the people who were then studying the bible started to meet for church services led by different bible talk leaders of the church in Kampala.

In 2013, supported by the treasure valley church of Christ in Idaho, the church in Kampala sent Hillary and Annet Musinguzi to lead a small group of disciples that had been baptized.

The Singles Ministry class

Over the last 5 years the church which is located in Luwero District in the Central region of Uganda and approximately 75km from Kampala has grown to 21 disciples with a vibrant singles and married’s ministry.

The Married Ministry









Prayer requests

  1. Baptism Goal is 10. Three single ladies, three single men and two couples.
  2. Fundraising for land. Our Goal is to raise $ 30,000 in two years.
  3. We want to launch our campus ministry in August. We have been currently facing challenges with registering our campus programs with the Kampala University (Luwero branch) administration.
  4. We are praying for marriages and single brothers and sisters to find spouses in the church.
  5. We want to keep all the disciples saved.

Cultural challenges

Luwero is a rural town so the illiteracy levels are high and some people do not know how to read and write. The few who read and write know the local language. This sometimes limits our reach out to the illiterate.

There is a lot of witchcraft and African religion. Most hills are homes to major shrines and a big number of the population who go to churches also go to shrines.

The influence of the prosperity gospel stops people from appreciating deeper bible study.

Retreats and Events

The past two years have seen the church in Luwero host the Campus and then the Singles retreat. The Campus ministries in Kampala and Luwero were treated to a simple, conducive natural ambiance induced by Luwero’s natural vegetation. Away from the hustle and bustle of the City, the students had great lessons, games and faith building group activities.

Months later, the singles ministry was hosted in Luwero town to a great time of learning, fellowship and faith building team work.

The church in Kampala has been encouraged by the hospitality and maturity of their sister church in luwero.

Besides the retreats, the church has a very competitive games day where different teams in the church compete against each other, this event has in the past led us to people who have become disciples. Regular singles hangouts and marrieds activities have helped the church to stay strong and united.

Spiritual growth

We believe that personal Spiritual growth is key to the growth of the church. In 2015, we started teaching the disciples how to build a great relationship with God; we conducted workshops on solid foundations and first principles. Discipling and one another relationships were encouraged to be intentional and purposeful. The end result was the disciples growing in their relationship with God and one another. The church is united and there is great fellowship. Some disciples who were weak and struggling have now taken leadership responsibilities and are doing well.

On the Left, Christine and on the right Bernard ready to go down

Community activities

The church in Luwero has been impacting the community both spiritually and physically. Physically, we identified a need for hygiene and clean sanitation in one of our referral health centers. The church therefore helps this particular Health facility to clean their compound and washrooms regularly. This has brought praise to the name of Jesus whom we serve as we reach out to our community.

Ready to clean our health Centre – letting our light shine

To God be all the glory.

  1. June 10, 2019

    Keep on keeping on Luwero, always inspired by you guys.

  2. June 10, 2019

    I’m really inspired by the his story. Where there a vision for the lost, God uses men to accomplish His mission to the people.
    Am I ready be part of God’s Mission?
    Do I have a vision for the lost?
    My God’s name be glorified in Luwero. Be part of the team

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