In a triumphant return after the challenges posed by COVID, the much-anticipated 2022 campus retreat took place in August, marking the first gathering of campus members since the pandemic’s onset. The excitement among attendees was palpable as they eagerly reunited, ready to share the experiences they had accumulated during the extended period of separation.

The Conference Room

Mombasa played host to this memorable retreat, welcoming campus members from as far as Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda. The journey began in Nairobi, with a scenic trip via the SGR to Mombasa under the cover of night. The retreat unfolded against the backdrop of a picturesque beachfront hotel, providing the perfect setting for bonding experiences, from playing by the beachside to marveling at ocean waves and sunrise vistas.

Campus Gala

The retreat went beyond its picturesque surroundings; it marked the moment when Clinton formally requested Natty to be his girlfriend, as the night culminating on a captivating all-white gala.

As the retreat concluded, the disciples, together with the Mombasa and Kilifi church, held a joint service before embarking on a tour of the historic Fort Jesus. This unique blend of spiritual connection and cultural exploration made the event truly remarkable, fostering strong bonds and creating cherished memories among the campus disciples.

Sunday service at Milele Beach Hotel, Mombasa with Mombasa & Kilifi congregation

Here’s to the joy of reconnection and the enduring memories forged during this unforgettable retreat!

Tour around Mombasa town, Fort Jesus

Group picture

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