I was reached out by this amazing lady Carrie Bell in September of 2007. I had just moved to Dallas and started a new job. Didn’t have any friends, but was extremely anti-social. So on my lunch break I would find a corner at the lunch room and eat will reading a novel. Every single day she would invite me to sit with them “Susan, join us! We don’t bite.” I would always say I was busy and every single day she would say the same thing. After some weeks, she wore me down and I joined them just to shut her up and that’s when she she started inviting me to church. I considered myself a Christian and I attended a Kenyan church in Dallas, so I told her I had a church, after which she started inviting me to the women’s church retreats and after two years I went to one. This was a life changing retreat, but not enough to change my deep self inflicted convictions but enough to start melting them. I later was invited for a bible talk which I fled mid study🙄long story…

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