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By Timothy Machuka

It was a bright sunny Sunday afternoon when Naomi Njehia made Christ Jesus the Lord of her life. To witness this spectacular event at Ndupawa prestige hotel swimming pool were a number of disciples including her mum Penina Njehia who was here to witness this memorable event.

The disciples sang, ‘I have been redeemed’ and Naomi could not hide the broad and shiny smile on her face; a clear reflection of the joy that had filled her heart which can only come from the Holy Spirit. She was indeed a new creature in Christ Jesus.

Her journey to discipleship was not easy. She studied the bible three different times and in one of the instances with her mum. During that time she came across the book of James 4:4 which states, ‘Friendship with the world is hatred toward God and anyone who chooses to be a friend of the world becomes an enemy of God.’ This made her to decide that friendship with the world is enemity to God.   

‘This scripture really spoke to my heart’, she narrates. ‘It was not easy to let go of some friendships which I had built over a long period of time and which meant a lot to me.’

Naomi’s path was filled with lots of sacrifices, forgoing the pleasures that come with youth and her desires. Going against the wave is never easy and she was not spared this trouble either. At some point she was alone thanks to Jesus through the scriptures who ensured she was not lonely. She had felt odd for choosing a different path compared to the rest of the people around her (the world).

Naomi with her mum

During her first two bible studies she discovered a few truths about her, that impatience and destruction were her greatest undoing, and when she finally decided to do it one more time she had made a decision to focus and nothing would come between her and God. True to her conviction it bore fruit.

Naomi has learnt that God does not tempt us but the desires of our hearts drive us to sin. Resisting the devil made the devil flee away from her. She is excited to join the family of God just as her mother is happy witnessing her first born daughter giving her life to Christ Jesus.

Naomi’s baptism is the first conversion for the Eldoret youth ministry since its launch mid last year. The youths are happy and fueled for more hearts surrendering to God. This comes against a backdrop in 2017 where the church had 2 baptisms and one restoration. The year 2018 looks promising and as they say a good year is seen at the beginning.

The Eldoret church was planted in 1992 by 6 disciples led by Rayola Osanya a disciple at the New York City Church of Christ in the US, then a student at the University of Nairobi. He was with Thomas Mundia, Tom Oyugi, Janet Waweru and Pamela Igara all students at Moi University, Eldoret and Lyons Nyagah who was at the Eldoret Medical Training College. The church would meet all together in Eldoret town on Sundays for service co-led by Thomas Mundia and Rayola Osanya and its growth has been phenomenal now boasting of a membership of 80 disciples, 35 brothers and 45 sisters.  With an average monthly attendance of 170 people, the church still continues to evangelize in Eldoret town under the leadership of Pascal Mabele and Christine Njoki Mabele. The services are conducted at the church every Sunday at 10:00am and midweeks on Wednesday at 6:00pm at its own premises located around West Market opposite St. Patrick primary along West-Mwanzo road since its launch in June 2014.

For Naomi Njehia who finished high school last year and at only 18 years old, she looks forward to reaching more souls beginning with her friends as she fights for her soul to make it to heaven.

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  1. January 10, 2019

    i have been greatly encouraged by this .Naomi is my classmate and friend at the University of East Africa, Baraton and i can confess here that the lady has passion to continue seeing Christ’s presence in her life.indeed she is one of the few examples and role models the youths should look up to in spiritual matters in this perverted society.

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