Is there fun in the Kingdom? This is a question asked many times by Philosophers, scholars, scientists, engineers, architects, programmers, lawyers even doctors all over the world who are continually seeking to get an answer. They only lack one thing in common, they all haven’t come to observe the Nairobi Christian Church’s vibrant Campus Ministry  🙂

The Campus Ministry is an energetic, high-spirited group that goes somewhere to have fun and leave people wondering how they can join the group. Led by Raymond and Lily Musonye, this ministry defines Kingdom fun!

Annually,  we attend a Challenge Camp held just at the beginning of the year so as to stir the forces within us and awaken ourselves for the year. This year, it went down at Rowallan Scout Camp just after Kibera Slums in Nairobi. The Camp was a one day thing, began on Saturday 5th March at 4pm ended on Sunday 6th March at 4pm. It was so much fun!

Walter Kamau, the games master had an awesome game plan that involved duck walks, piggy back rides, three-legged race, banana peeling by mouth and then pass by feet, hunger games for a chicken prize, soap scrubbing, eating a baobab seed then carrying it using a straw to a designated point, eating (bread and lemons -including its peels- ) competition and a whole lot more that campus disciples feeling a lot more challenged by the games than the camp.

We had a service on Sunday morning led by Enoch Kamau, an intern, and the rest is history.

To God be the glory

This video done by Kamau Methu, a disciple in campus ministry, giving  you a preview of how things were.
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  1. April 6, 2016

    We thank God for the success of the Campus Challenge camp
    this year.
    Kudos to all the interns and the team that organised the whole
    Kudos to all the campus disciples who attended this year’s event
    and to all our visitors who came and had fun with us.
    To God be the Glory.

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