By Dennis Mwale

The Campus Ministry held its annual Campus Challenge Camp from Friday 23rd to Sunday 25th February 2018 at Rowallan Scouts Camp.

The theme of the Camp was, ‘Divergent’ and had an attendance of 45 disciples and 6 visitors. Evangelist Raymond and Lily Musonye did two separate classes with the men and the women. They focused on ‘Being a Man or a Woman with a Different Spirit’. At the day’s end, well, it can’t be camp without a bonfire! The group sang Kingdom Kid’s songs by the fire until their voices got hoarse and then they danced the night away to music vibes by DJ, YB.

On Sunday Kevin Oduor preached two messages — ‘Distinguished and Different’, and ‘God’s Expectation of our Relationships’. Later, everyone enjoyed a relaxed and belated Valentine’s lunch.

To top things off, Aaron Okwaro, Clinton Omondi, and Sarah Mueni made a decision to be baptized and make Jesus Lord of their lives. Colleta Mbithe was restored.

The feedback was the camp did not disappoint! Testimonies from some of the attendees confirmed that this was the best camp yet; they just keep getting better from year to year.  Kevin and Eunice Oduor did a great job leading the camp, Kevin giving his guidance as Eunice (assisted by Okoth Apakah) mapped out and conducted different random activities including games.

The activities included a treasure hunt, dancing, eating, a sugar cane peeling contest whereby two people had to peel the sugar cane without using their hands, a pushups competition, and so much more. It was a thrilling time for all who attended! 

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  1. March 22, 2018

    Very powerful sharing. Thanks Dennis. Encouraged!

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