The Umoja sanctuary last Sunday was a beehive of activity as it for the first time since inauguration, hosted three maiden events within a single day. The day started with the Sunday Worship Extravaganza which is a singing devotional that was followed by a Special General meeting and the wedding between Lydia Awuor Onyango and Harrison Votega Miheso took the centre stage in the afternoon.

The Worship Extravaganza is a Sunday worship service where there is singing and worship throughout the service.  “It was done so well and incorporated the Bereans(campus/teens), the Shining stars(singles) and the Married who all played complementing roles.”

“This is the first of its kind,” according to the Lead Evangelist John Kilaha, “The Sunday Worship Extravaganza was inspired by the fact that at times it is just good to sing to the Lord. The idea was born when we were coming up with the church calendar.”

The Omollo’s (Charles and Josephine – single leaders) shared about their lives as a family. Josephine stated how God allowed them to go through tough moments for Him to show himself and for all glory to go back to him. “He rescued us from doom and kept our focus in Him despite the challenges we were going through as a family.”

The Omollo’s thanked the entire church from the different parts of the world for their prayers, encouragement and financial help which has played a great role as they are almost hitting the target of money required for Charles to attend an operation on his skull in India. They are due to leave for India on Thursday 15th March 2012.

Edwin Mahiga delivered a heart rending communion message from Romans 5:6-8 and challenged the congregation of when is the right time to turn back to God? Do we see opportunities to demonstrate love? “When we complain, we take away love. “

He urged the congregation not to give up when things are tough.  “We should not run away because how would it have been for us today if Christ had to run away and not fulfill his mission of laying his life on the cross to cleanse our sins?”

It was refreshing to see and hear the beautiful melodies voices of the choir in their resplendent dark dresses and suits with pink scarves and ties. Their incredible singing showed God’s awesomeness.

There was also great singing from Tabitha Muia and Janet Akolo who did a rendition of “Call on Jesus,” by Nicole C. Mullen which received a standing ovation. Psalms were recited at intervals to spice up the singing. The Bereans were not to be left behind with exciting poems and memory scriptures.

During the Special General meeting necessitated by the need to review the constitution to conform to the changing times and the forming of a committee of seven members (two of them) in legal practice to commence the work.

According to Titus Syengo, “The church has grown up and we need a constitution that is responsive to the needs of today.” Among the changes to be included in the constitution is the changing of the name from Nairobi Christian Church to International Churches of Christ (Nairobi).

The warm Sunday afternoon set the tempo for the wedding the first of its kind between Harrison and Lydia to be held on a Sunday at the Umoja Sanctuary.  Lydia has been a disciple for about 6 years while Harison the groom is barely 3 years in the Kingdom.  The service was presided over by Evangelist Mike Odwallo.

Lydia has worked in different ministries and is responsible for fishing many people to the kingdom as instructed by our Lord Jesus. At the point of her wedding, she was serving powerfully in the Teens ministry as a mentor to around 15 young teens. She has seen baptisms in her group over the last year and has mentored young women who are now in transition to the Campus ministry. “She is God fearing and has taken many prayer retreats to find out God’s will for her life including the right spouse for her.

Harison hails from the Kibera ministry and His love for God is evident in that after he was converted his life transformed so much that members of his former church followed him to his new found faith and wanted to study the bible. He rose to being a bible talk leader barely 4 months after his baptism; he has impacted the people in Kibera by his fire and zeal for the things of God.

One thing is evident that these two have been brought together in Holy matrimony by their love for God and for each other…

As the wedding unfolded it was clear that their life was going to be defined by God’s word if the bible shaped cake is anything to go by. The congregation danced to Luhya and Luo tunes in this simple and profound wedding that was well attended and supported by the disciples. The day ended on a high just as it started on a high.

True to His word, it was a great day of celebrating Christ in our lives and it was truly amazing as souls were uplifted and the people poured their hearts out.

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