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It was such a special day for the disciples at the Nairobi Christian Church who together with their guests had braved the chilly Sunday morning to be spiritually nourished at the Umoja Sanctuary on 20th May. The day started on a high with great and vibrant worship in song and dance that warmed the hearts of the worshippers. Edwin Mahiga took the tempo higher with the Lord’s Supper message emphasizing on making our hope in God static rather than on things that are mobile and those that change positions depending on the present circumstances (Matthew 26:36-44).

Then Naomi Gezaire a perfoming artiste from the shining stars ministry recited a poem titled, ‘In His Presence’. The wit with which she themed the presence of God in our lives was mouth-watering to the ears. With great eloquence and finesse of speech she drove the point home that indeed God is ever-present in our lives even in distress.

The main sermon, ‘David’s five stones and a sling’ was delivered by the ever charismatic, endowed with polished English and a man of great humour- Evangelist Samson Monda. The evangelist took the church through a comprehensive story analysis of a young man’s journey of triumph in the hands of a huge giant philistine who defied the ranks of the Israelites in a battlefield featuring two camps-the philistines and the Israelites, (1st Samuel 17:1ff).

The congregation got to learn how the Israelites camp was defeated in the mind and the heart, “dismayed and terrified”. A story was going round that whoever would defeat Goliath would have the king reward him greatly. He and his household will be exempted from paying taxes, even with such promises none dared to step out of his fears. For forty days the Israel camp kept to the battle line twice a day but doing nothing.

This reality reflects many of us who pretend really to be fighting yet we have been robbed of victory by fear that seizes us whenever giants show up in our daily lives. ‘Instead of starting a fight with the giants in our lives, fear stops us from throwing the first punch’.


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