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Rolayo & Chris Ogbonnaya, Yannick

Chris & Rolayo Ogbonnaya (Evangelist West Africa English-speaking countries); Yannick Le Noan (Elder, Paris Church)

On February 18th, the International Churches of Christ Nairobi sanctuary at Umoja Estate buzzed with excitement as the Church warmly welcomed visitors including Yannick Le Noan (Elder, Paris Church) and Chris & Rolayo Ogbonnaya (Evangelist West Africa English-speaking countries) Disciples representing the ICOC Nairobi blocs, including Eastern, Northern, Southern, and Western blocs, gathered at 10:00 AM for a highly anticipated worship service.

Beginning the worship service, the choir established a reverent atmosphere by guiding the congregation through soul-stirring worship songs. As the worship session unfolded, the singing became increasingly lively, incorporating Swahili and other tunes infused with a rapid African beat.

Choosing the Freedom in Christ Jesus

Chris Obonaya delivered a powerful message titled “Choosing the Freedom in Christ Jesus”. Throughout his sermon, the man of God endeavored to dispel misconceptions surrounding the expectations of freedom in Jesus that many people hold.

Jesus came to free us from the world and not in the world. After all, even Jesus himself wasn’t spared from choking difficulties and persecutions in this world despite his heavenly origins. Quoting from Hebrews 11, he referenced how the disciples (following Jesus’ example) remained focused on God despite their tormenting circumstances. “They persevered successfully because their faith was anchored in ultimate freedom in Jesus’ heavenly promise,” he said. Unfortunately, many Christians are more obsessed with finding freedom in the world and not freedom from the world as Jesus so practically exemplified.
Certainly, this is a classic sermon to remember!

The Gift Session

Following the sermon, Yannick and Chris received memorable gifts in accordance with the African courteous practice. As it was Yannick’s first visit to East Africa, he was ceremoniously appointed as an elder, a designation duly confirmed. He was adorned in a traditional Maasai red garment and presented with a club symbolizing leadership.
Yannick Le Noan is also the Executive director of The Bean Missions Foundations, headquartered in the US. This is a school of missions that aims to develop future leaders worldwide. As of February 2024 the organization has 415 students worldwide, 15 schools of mission worldwide, and 199 graduates working in ministry.

Yannick Le Noan (Elder, Paris Church)

Yannick Le Noan (Elder, Paris Church) receiving some gifts from Women’s Ministry leader, East Africa Victoria Auki

The Oginga’s (left) and the Mwanza’s (right) – Elders ICOC East Africa together with the guests

The Beam Missions Foundation, DAKUSOM Partnership

Part of the Beam Missions Foundation is The Dan Kuria School of Missions (DAKUSOM) started in January 2023. So far, roughly forty students from East Africa are enrolled and taking their classes. One of the exciting news delivered by Yannick was the new partnership between the Beam Foundation and the DAKUSOM to enable more students to take lessons. Accordingly, 10 students are set to benefit from this partnership beginning April 2024.
By BMF partnering with ICOC Kenya to provide funding and training that is geared to support DAKUSOM in absorbing young passionate disciples who have an aptitude for learning and for being trained, DAKUSOM (East Africa School of Missions) becomes the 5th school to be supported by BMF.
These students will on graduation be able to go into the mission fields across East Africa and either be part of planting new churches or serving in existing churches.
We look forward to this translating into unprecedented spiritual and numerical growth in our family of churches.

Yannick Le Noan (Elder, Paris Church) speaking to the ICOC Kenya leaders and some of the selected students

Yannick and Chris brief bios

Yannick and Chris are on a shared mission in Kenya, as Chris oversees the West African Schools of Mission, which has been operational for the past seven years (as of Feb 2024). Presently, Chris is responsible for coordinating all the mission schools across Africa.
Yannick La Noan has been married to Emma for 36 years as of February 2024, and they are blessed with three children and a grandchild. Yannick serves as an elder in the Paris Church and has played a significant role in initiating several global schools of mission.
On the other hand, Chris, who is 57 years old, is married to Rolayo. They have two grown-up children, both of whom are disciples. Together, Chris and Rolayo lead the mission efforts in English-speaking West African countries. Chris has been dedicated to full-time ministry for 32 years and celebrates his 31st wedding anniversary this year, 2024.

Written by Albert Simiyu

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