Aloysius was riding home on a bus reading his Bible when he heard a young man ask him “Do you understand what you are reading?” to which he answered defensively “yes” But someone next to him told him to listen to the young man who might have something to teach him. He heeded and was invited to bible talk then to Church and he studied the Bible and invited his wife and both were baptized.

Aloysius and Rose are now 2 months old as disciples. The brother has been praying for a job for a while now but nothing meaningful had come up. Last week as he went on a prayer walk he passed by a 5 star beach resort (Serena Lake Victoria resort) and asked the security guard at the gate if he could walk in and look around since he had never been in there and could not af-ford anything. The guard let him into the compound. Then a revelation hit him, “what if he asked for a job at the reception since he had been praying for one anyway.” at the reception, they sent him to the human resource manager who de-manded to know from Aloysius who let him in and how did he know that they were hiring? So like character “Harvier” in the movie,
COURAGIOUS, Aloysius has been working at Serena resort on a temporary basis for the whole of this week.

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