On October 29, 2023, a significant milestone was celebrated in Dar es Salaam-Tanzania when we gathered to witness the appointment of Joachim and Evelyne Pallangyo into the service roles of Evangelist and Women’s Ministry Leader, respectively. The Pallangyos are the first Tanzanians to be appointed in this capacity in our ICOC family of Churches here in East Africa.

They have demonstrated a deep passion and love for God, a wealth of experience in ministry, and a dedicated heart for serving the Lord and his Church over the years. We believe that God has set aside this awesome couple for even greater things in East Africa and, more so, the Tanzanian Congregations.

Referring to the guidance from 1 Timothy 3:1-13, the scriptures outline specific qualities expected from individuals assuming leadership roles within the church. These virtues encompass dignity, sincerity, self-control, honesty, and faithfulness. It’s with great joy that we acknowledge Joachim and Evelyne Pallangyo, a couple who expresses these qualities admirably.

Joachim exemplifies the dignity and reverence befitting a servant of God. His sincerity and deep understanding of faith have been guiding lights for many, approaching responsibilities with unwavering devotion and a clear conscience. His commitment to God’s work shines through his actions, leading us steadfastly on our spiritual journey.

Eva exudes grace, wisdom, and self-control. Her words reflect kindness, and her actions are motivated by a heart overflowing with love. Over time, she has built an enduring reputation as a symbol of positivity and support. Her steadfast devotion has impacted numerous members, qualifying her as an ideal leader for our Women’s Ministry.

The appointment of the Pallangyos isn’t merely a recognition of their qualifications but a tribute to their humility, dedication, and service to the Church in Tanzania over the years. They stand as living examples of devoted servants, and as they embark on this sacred journey of service, we appeal to everyone to extend their support, prayers, and cooperation.


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Finally, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to the entire ICOC-East Africa, specifically the Tanzanian Churches- Dar es Salaam and Arusha congregations, for their unwavering support and active contribution to this process. May God’s blessings continue to pour upon Joachim and Eva Pallangyo, and may their leadership inspire us all to deepen our faith, spread love, and serve one another with joy and compassion.
Written by Mike Odwallo
Edited by Albert Simiyu

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