Day 2

By Janet Nzisa

Pictures: Stephen Kabacho and Tabitha Muia

After day one of interactions, learning, and sumptuous meals, we were ready for day 2.

In a world where everything is sensationalized, Gilbert and Perita Kimeng took us through a class on ‘The Mission’. They encouraged us to enjoy the things we have in the Kingdom of God but not forget the mission which is meant to be shared.

The anchor scripture was Romans 10:14-15.

“How then can they call on the one they have not believed in…?”

Borrowing heavily from their personal and professional lives, and touching mainly on their ministry in Lagos, Gilbert and Perita shared among other testimonies about one of the brothers whom Gilbert personally reached out to during one of his leisurely walks. After being invited to Bible Talk, the brother was baptized in the next two weeks. His father later wrote a long letter to Gilbert of how his son had transformed as a result of Jesus in his life — from being a heavy smoker, to an ignited young man on fire for God. It was a miraculous transformation.

Perita on the other hand shared of a widow from their church who is totally sold out to the mission and uses her resources to preach and share about Jesus wherever she can. Indeed, how beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news.

Gilbert and Perita Kimeng

As professionals, the Kimengs have found a way to reach out to their fellow professionals in order to advance the Mission of Christ to the working class. Their Bible Talk, dubbed The Business and Professional Ministry, has grown tremendously from initially a singles bible talk to now an all-inclusive group of professionals. With a very interesting and simple concept of the five day challenge, they dedicate a week in a month (5 days of the month) and take one hour each day whereby they squeeze the normal study series into three key scriptures and have discussions with those they are reaching out to. 

For more on this lively class please listen to the full audio below:

Afterwards a lively question and answer session ensued.

We later enjoyed a fine African meal for lunch, followed by an epic well-choreographed traditional dance by the Uganda team of ignited dancers on the lush Wigot Gardens.

The afternoon was left free for fun and activities. Some people visited the park, water lovers went for a boat ride on the mighty Lake Victoria, while others went for a swim at the hotel’s swimming pool overseeing the City of Kisumu.

Disciples above 30 years were treated to a very special session with the Kimengs discussing issues facing mature disciples over the years. It was a very interactive session, first separately, and then as a group for both sisters and brothers.

Key points from the afternoon session were:

  • Be committed to the work of Christ and he will give us the desires of our hearts.
  • Pass on the good things learned over the years.
  • Communicate openly to each other to avoid misunderstandings, among other things.

The icing on the cake was the dinner themed ‘’Wakanda Party”. The dress was casual wear and hats, complete with face painting. The dinner was officially launched by a dance led by Gilbert and Perita.

Food, fun, laughter, and music followed and of course pictures were taken to commemorate the special occasion.

The dance floor was opened and brothers went head to head with the sisters in show casing their different dance styles.

The evening ended on a high note at around midnight.

  1. June 26, 2018

    Wow!this was a great memory to me thnx to Kimeng’s glory be to God

  2. August 1, 2018

    I really missed this one.
    I encourage all the shinning stars to really treasure retreats. It is the only time we can share our challenges together, meet our friends, and share fun.
    The experience from retreats are always memorable.

    Thanks Nziza for this fascinating story. I found it very inspiring

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