Day 3; #fireignited

By Joan Weere

Pictures: Stephen Kabacho and Tabitha Muia

The atmosphere on Sunday morning was ecstatic since the singles were reenergized after an inspirational / fun-filled day on Saturday. Despite the fact that we had travelled from far and wide, we came to appreciate the fact that we are all one big family. We had breakfast together as we prepared for the service as well as a class dubbed, “Ignite the Fire.”

During the singing, the beauty of our diversity culminated in praise to our God. Though we sang in different languages, we were all speaking one language. We then had the delight of learning about how we can ignite the fire and keep it burning. Mr. Gilbert Kimeng provided a synopsis of the book of Romans and emphasized that it was the Christian Constitution. This laid the base for an understanding of the theme which had been drawn from Romans 12:11. Essentially, if we are cognizant of where we have come from, the price that was paid for our ransom and whose we are, it will influence what we do. We were inspired to ignite the fire and keep it burning through a renewed passion for God’s word, revived prayer life, fasting, fellowship, and evangelism.

During the closing ceremony, candles were spread out among the Shining Stars and the Kimengs symbolically lit a big focal candle and the flame was then distributed to all the candles, as we sang the song “Carry your Candle.” The fire not only has to be kept burning, but it also has to be spread out to others. We have to pass on the fire.

We then got the chance to appreciate various people who had worked tirelessly to ensure that the event was a success. We had lunch together and though it was difficult, we had to go our separate ways and spread the fire.

The hash-tag officially changed from #ignitethefire to # fireignited.

All glory and honor to God Almighty. Amen.

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  1. August 23, 2018

    Was such a great time of fellowship with Disciples from different parts of the Region….. GODS KINGDOM… THE BEST PLACE TO BE……………

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