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Southern Block Netball Team

Team-mates Celebrating after the Volleyball match

The games that were played at the CID training grounds attracted very good players like Davis Monde, Mike Odwallo, Caro Mandilla, Jack Owino and William Auki among others from the Eastern and Southern blocks. After heavy rains on Saturday night the ground was muddy but the teams braved the tough conditions to display spectacular performances that were appreciated by excited fans led by Nicholas from the Eastern bloc. The games included women netball, Combined Men & Women Volleyball and football.In a well-attended football match that was played on Sunday the 15th April at the Southern block’s home ground, the Eastern bloc successfully held the Southern block to a 1 – 1 draw. The Inter-block’s Sports Service – Church League First Round pitied the Eastern Bloc vs. the Southern Bloc. The service started by a powerful sermon from Ev. Mike Odwallo from the Eastern Bloc and a Recap by Ev.William Auki form the Southern bloc.

Southern Block Team : Standing from Left: Pascal, Andrew, Kimarel, Ibra, Jacob, Ambale, Auki Down: Sentenjo,Evans, Viza, Collins

Eastern Block Football Team Standing from Left: Allan, Robert, Silas, Monde, Mboya, Chris, Jobita, Bonface down: Ramah, Dukes, Ogollah, Kevo, Phelix

The southern block team maintained higher ball possession for the better part of the first half leading to a score by Southern Striker Alvin on the 15th minute. The striker made several attempts that were kept away by Eastern block’s experienced goal keeper Silvester Ogola.

The Eastern Bloc equalized on the 35th minute when they were awarded a penalty by the referee after an accidental handball by one of the Southern Bloc players. Bernard spent no time in resting the ball on his opponent’s nets after taking the penalty. Despite losing a lot of opportunities the southern block maintained its ball possession throughout the match. The game was well attended by all the respective fans at the CID training college in South C. Allan from the Eastern bloc defended his team aggressively from the powerful shots from Southern Bloc Striker Alvin. The game ended in 1- 1 draw. John Okeno from the Eastern Bloc Officiated the match.

Meanwhile the Eastern bloc netball team won 19- 9 against the Southern Block. Caro Mandilla led the Eastern block to score aggressively against the southern block netball team in a hotly contested match that was played on the same venue the same day.

The Eastern bloc will face off with the Western bloc on August 12 for the semi-finals while the Northern bloc will be up against the Southern bloc on the same date. The winners of each category will meet for finals in December.

Fans celebrating

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