It’s a rainy Sunday morning as the single sisters from the Nairobi Christian church gear up for their annual women’s convention. The weather however doesn’t dampen their spirits. The excitement as they made their way to the Umoja sanctuary for this auspicious occasion themed, “Who stole my heart,” is palpable. 

img11The beautiful sisters and their guests donned in their best outfits are ushered in and the choir as if on cue raises the tempo higher as they belt out awesome worship songs which draw their hearts closer to God and a heavenly feeling is experienced. 
Tabitha Owich the events Master of Ceremony takes over from the choir but before that a dance choreographed by the agile Eileen Chepkorir carries the day as the dancers takes to the stage. It is a sunny affair as they moved to the beat in their yellow outfits.img15
The sisters line up to share and they come to the podium one by one. It is clear who has stolen their hearts ranging from the gorgeous and the ever smiling Catherine Mukundi, the beautiful Lorna Adema, the serene Lucy Wangui to the eloquent Sarah Josiah. Each of these special women has a story to tell of how out of the miry clay of pain guilt and confusion God lifts them and loves them with an everlasting love.
Their heart wrenching stories of the past bring tears to many people’s eyes and as Neema Mukuccia would later share in an exclusive interview…. “I have learnt that godliness with contentment is great gain…and I should be grateful as I live my live because it is a story on its own…” Single or not she has decided to enjoy life to the full. Betty Nthei – the Women ministry leader in Kisumu Church of Christ is the Main Speaker of the day, she echoes similar img12 img10sentiments…..”Indeed it is contentment that has made me who I am today.” In her message which clearly depicts her life, she emphasizes on pursuing God first more that the things of the world which are meaningless in comparison to a relationship with God.
Drawing her Inspiration from the book of Ecclesiastes in the life of Solomon which is a great indicator of how he (King Solomon) amassed more wealth, and grow in fame and stature but in the long run, he realizes it was all meaningless. We should let God be first and the rest will fall into place. The Skit that follows brings to life the message.
Indeed the women captured in the skit had gone in pursuit of Education Money, relationships and self image which was all meaningless when God spoke to them about his Sovereignty Ecclesiates 12:13 “Now all has been heard; here is the conclusion of the matter: Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole [duty] of man……” culminates the whole event…and indeed it is a colourful and impactful time for both the single women in church and their friends.img9
Lessons have been learnt and hearts moved. Alice Gitonga from the Philippians ministry notes, “I need to evaluate how I fell in love with God, whether am meeting my end of the bargain, whether He still has my whole heart or things like we read from ecclesiastes have stolen it. I learnt the futility of life without realizing that its God who gives it all and when things are not working great He wants me to realize He is the only one that matters most in life, all others are a chase after the wind.img2
  Stella kakuvi points out that she has learnt that the pleasure of this world can easily steal my heart slowly as I replace God with “valid reasons” as to why I can’t serve Him. Yvonne who was visiting for the first time notes, “I want to live my life to the full and not sit waiting for a particular event in my life to make me happy.
Corazon milimu avers that where she places knowledge, wealth and other things in her life is very important. “Do they draw me closer or further away from God?” she ponders. “Surrender is the key.” The 380 single sisters and their visitors ended up not only being physically fed but also spiritually nourished and happy that indeed God had been in their midst that day to enable the day be a success.
Written by Janet Nzisa; The writer can be reached at
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